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I am really excited to announce that I’ve moved my blog to a new site!

What Cultivate Simple Life is About:

My husband and I are small town kids. The influence of being raised in those small towns is something with immeasurable value in our lives. We cannot imagine raising our kids in any other type of environment. We believe in hard work and will continue to work hard for the rest of our lives, but after his/our time in the military is through, we want to live a little different.

Cultivatesimplelife.com is a website focused on the journey to a simple life. We want to inspire and empower my readers to make a change and pursue any life you want to live. You will find posts about: gardening, planning and organizing, creative projects, business tips and maybe a little fitness thrown in there as well.

If you want to keep track of what I am up to…follow me over at cultivatesimplelife.com.