Hi! I’m Kim. I grew up in the small town of Monticello in Northeast Missouri. I grew up even more when I moved to Columbia to attend the University of Missouri. I spent almost 10 years in Columbia then took my talents on the road to move with my husband’s career and have been on the move ever since. Some of my favorite spots to call home have been Northern Virginia and Italy.

I am married to an Army guy. 😉 We met in grade school and against all odds married shortly after our college graduations. We live a crazy, always-moving, always-something-new, military life. My full-time job these days is keeping our household running and being a momma. I still love to work and keep myself involved in a million other things at all times, but those things are not quite the same as they were when I started this journey!

Taking a break from the traditional “work” I knew in my early career and traveling the European countryside was an eye-opening experience. Living abroad changed me. It made me realize that maybe running/conquering the world wasn’t the most important thing in my life. Maybe…just maybe…taking time to stop and actually smell the roses [ instead of shoving them into arrangements as fast as I could ALL. DAY. LONG. ] was just as fulfilling as anything else I’d ever accomplished.

Although floral work takes a little bit of a back seat these days, I squeeze in as much freelance work as my floral schedule will allow and from time-to-time take on a few fun projects through my floral business, Florassentials.